WOW v5.2 Pet Battle reproduce and regression of battle team

The main supply line to maintain the the Gallos war machine through the Barrens, so players want to face the Gallos first have to solve this problem before to obtain the victory. From a design point of view, Blizzard try with the Barrens events to test a new way to end the game open New World and resolve part of their daily repeated. Judging from the results, Blizzard reasonably incurred to promote a series of events, and not just as a simple day-to-day tasks exist. Blizzard Alliance and Horde players in the supply lines and battlefield machines to complete the raid Garrosh tasks can feel more free and smooth than ever before. Furthermore, the Horde and Alliance together in the Barrens task when it means that there will be more wild the emergence of PVP.

Newly updated World of Warcraft v5.2 seems to be the pet battle to re-enter the era of diversification, although still strong the pet and vulnerable pet entirely different, according to several Battle feelings since this World of Warcraft v5.2 Overall more pets With WOW Gold while not as in the past, is the brightest dogs and cats easily get child to mercilessly.Overall weakening of the outbreak skills disappeared aquatic nanny who once hit composed of the Return of the Native corporation, as the night team this nurse nemesis came back, he did not expect to hire a heavy cut, the the night duration was reduced to five rounds, this is not easy to use as the core of the Phantom of the Opera and the small dragon. Then as a variant of the night of the team of the night team should get back to their own position.Night, the duration of the reduction of the average night team is undoubtedly a huge nerf, but for the the night daylight team is not the case, the original night of the team's tactical process is to let the sunlight as soon as possible to cover the night the now active reduction in the hours of darkness just gave it more the large degree of flexibility to address the the daylight weather hand once the fight after the end of the night with lobster conflict embarrassment.In addition, the the reflection and Ghost bite weakening seems irrelevant, but the weakening of the Flash of Light weaken and dragons effects are indeed real. The night of teams want in the World of Warcraft v5.2 stage, then it is difficult to avoid certain personnel changes.






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