You've the ability to sap opponents

The second way is to understand to stability your buy rs gold turn hidden. There is a little difference between using turn hidden to prevent possibly disastrous conflicts and using it to take the easy way out. You don't use turn hidden often, particularly around opponents that are easily defeated. By consistently stealthing previous manageable targets, you deprive yourself of useful items and XP.
The third way is to come out swinging. Stealthing isn't just for hiding. You've the ability to sap opponents while stealthed or sneak up behind an enemy and backstab them as well. Doing the latter removes your turn hidden, but it provides you with an outstanding beginning shift to an argument.
The 4th way is to go to the BGs. Rogues were born to PvP! No other classification can cripple an enemy player as easily as a Bogus. Rogues are also a nightmare to face in Arathi Basin and Alterac Area where they can sap a player, then catch a flag before the sap wears off and come returning to complete their victim.
The fifth way is to understand lock-pick. At level , your local Bogus trainer provides you with a desire to acquire the Thief's Tools and the lock-pick abilities. Take the desire. Lock-picking shows up a whole new realm of money-making possibilities!






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