Two key holder with the image of the logo of the game

Blizzard licenses are rich in derivatives We chose to meet the most important in JudgeHype shop so you can find them easily. Updates are needed depending on the news. Here are the latest articles listed!For fans of Diablo IIIThe novel: In the darkness born heroes. It includes different stories related to characters such as Diablo III demon hunter at risk of becoming its own enemy, a barbarian returning to his broken home, a solitary monk who eradicate the evil of an ancient forest..

Some of them have already been released on the official website, but now you can enjoy it wherever you like.The comic: The sword of justice. Accused of murder, young Jacob is chased by his people and his childhood friend. While in flight, he comes across a cave where he discovers the sword that could save the world. Does he succeed to appropriate before being brought to justice?Diablo III on Playstation 3: I remind you that pre-orders are open and those who reserve a copy will receive some bonuses.

Keyrings Diablo III: Two key holder with the image of the logo of the game or the Lord of Terror himself have been added to the store.For StarCraft IIKey StarCraft II: According to the faction of your choice, you will have the choice to equip the keychain in his likeness.For fans of World of WarcraftMega Bloks toy Sha anger is now available for sale at Until recently, it was only available for pre-order. The price is 51.78. You will soon have my little video on the toy.






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