The competition between Heidegger

It means that the pros and cons grade of the equipments will have a complete reshuffle. Therefore, the AH will present a new and enduring prosperity which keeps the reshuffle go on.  Addition to the decomposition equipment be able to get corresponding affixes materials, which also can stimulate the players acquired a large number of defective equipment to break down, and hit gold equipment never 99.9999% are of no use any more.

Here, Buy d3 gold will continue have a further discuss of the relationship between the new blacksmith and AH:  
The transaction value of affixes material is also a highlight of AH. Let’s calculate the probability of wash 5 affixes agility equipment into force attributes: 

 Assume that it may wash into another 10 affixes types, generate the probability of the same set each affix: wash into force affix probability will be 10%. The equipment five affixes, random able to wash off the agility probability is 20%. So the total probability is 2%. See here, you will understand, the rate you want to wash into the best equipment is not so high, and this takes a lot of material. 






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