WOW official website to share 5.3 Getting Started Guide

In version 5.2, the group of 25 Level +8 design, making the presence of a group of 10 people to become tasteless high degree of difficulty, small benefit.Cold relations of people in the game, but also led to the resonance of all players, which is also considered as one of the reasons is difficult to integrate into WOW Gold. A lot of players will be the status quo due to inter-service game mechanics and random copy and hope Blizzard can create new and new people, new environment to communicate with the elderly.Players shingo18 questioned, If playing online games can not make friends, and stand-alone What's the difference?

Day known players responded by saying, Do not be afraid, the old man never make new friends, can only look at the name O bond is increasingly the less Eventually it became a stand-alone. told reporters that a small S, the argument of the stand-alone game has a lot of friends in this discussion. For a landmark classic online games, but after eight years to get such a rating can not but regrettable. For online game developers, the situation of Warcraft is a warning, if you want long-term operation, rather than short-term revenue, online social features and playability are indispensable.






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