Wow is currently the factor should be no cost

Breeze flow blade, was a powerful group and need the cash as a back-up, but also has a very excellent RP as a base to get the weaponry, even now, want to sweep a wind blade also need determination and effort, However, some individuals do not have to sweep it into the MC the first two and a 50 percent to finish a process just to get this icon of the MT tool, he is Tauren Warrior: Expert Kyushu issue.
This took position in Up-date BUG five decades ago when the try out, when the cap 45, Snow storms style for the wind blade process has not been finished, a process in Kyushu after the youthful master issue to acquire a few red weapons: swords. This is also the planets first search blade, Blizzard was frightened, instantly he obtained this tool is customized to 100 available.
And until now, still no one to say clearly what he is to finish the process to acquire weaponry, perhaps only a few decades after the events had come to our FAQ.

Lately, the popular activity press manager released an content on Wow, the research of whether the function should be submitted content, the content will present a no cost internet games currently managing in European countries and The united states to do a evaluation, research of Up-date after the function if the no cost , which items will increase fees. But Blizzard is not a positive reaction to this will no cost function. See full written text of the following translation:






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