The following is the complete text of the statement

We will know of the objectives of the players, the current circular of Blizzard university is about to carry a better gift than ever, not only around the huge Realm of War craft and Star Craft II activity concept presents, more the Lenovo brand's amazing eBooks, including: amazing display memory, rabbit and key pad set, Wireless sound system, Lenovo Le PAD. Normally want to be present at in individual can have the opportunity to encounter the shock.

Blizzard has in 5.3PTR hosting server to start examining a new feature: the Realm of War craft activity built-in web browser. Although it is only an assistance Blizzard client care program, to limit the relationship fight net material of semi-finished items, but it probably will be added to the encounter experience to carry more WOW Gold.

The following is the complete text of the statement of the Blizzard Northern American formal website:

We are presenting a point straight to the Realm of War craft Battle built-in web browser to substitute the old activity client care assistance program. The purpose is to let the individuals will be able to quickly recover the appropriate questions on the site and client care assistance program.






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