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Wyrmrest Conform (revered): www.gw2farm.com Our ancestors Sinew Wristguards. You could select these up soon after attaining 80, if you spend a while in a Wyrmrest tabard. They're quite steadily itemized for a Sacred clergyman, and the plug gives you some versatility. You'll also want Wyrmrest identified for the Arcanum of Cheerful Fixing, our best option for a go attract.
Gavel of the Preparing Climate. There's no Soul on it, but Soul isn't as huge for us as it used to be anyway, and crit is much more powerful due to the broad range of abilities that feed off it that most of us have.
Horde Expedition/Alliance Vanguard (revered): Billed Magic wand of the Cleft/Gnomish Magician's Quill. If you do both beginning areas, you'll have Exalted before you hit 80, so this should be no issues. It's amazing enough, although there's a a little bit better buy wow silver option from projects in Climate Mountains.






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